Saturday, May 03, 2008

Victoria Beckham branded a nightmare

London (ANI): English pop singer Victoria Beckham has been branded a ‘nightmare" by soccer hero Sol Campbell"s girlfriend in the latest war of the WAGs. The 27-year-old Fiona Barratt has also accused David Beckham"s wife of acting like a prima donna.

Barratt sparked off a war of the WAGs as she revealed how the wives and girlfriends of England stars insist on leaving the team hotel in order of their celebrity status. Fiona, who is the granddaughter of homes tycoon Sir Lawrence Barratt and also a property dealer, stated that Posh Spice milked her profile by posing endlessly for photogs.

“They had no idea who I was, thought I didn"t have a pot to p**s in and had no idea of my background," the Sun quoted her as saying. “I didn"t care and got on the bus with my Financial Times and my sudoku. The nonentity WAGs had to walk out first. The higher the profile, the later they were. “Of course, Queen Bee Victoria came out last, there being at least ten or 15 minutes before she appeared, and her hair and make-up team were all in the lobby," she said.

Barratt, who has been with 33-year-old Portsmouth defender Campbell for two years, remarked what a farce it was. “I sat and watched the whole charade. Victoria Beckham . . . what a nightmare. She"s such a prima donna," she added.

The girls have never been known to get along well with one another, and according to insiders, some established WAGs are jealous newcomers like Petercrouch"s girlfriend Abbey Clancy and Joe Cole"s love Carly Zucker steal the limelight. “Fiona"s comments won"t help," a source said.

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